What’s for Dinner?

You just got home from work. You’re tired AND hungry… You know you and your family need more nutrition and taste in your meals. But are you…

Too tired to plan a menu, much less cook one?

You could enjoy a delicious, healthy home-cooked meal without the fuss. Solve your dinner dilemma.

As your personal chef—in the safety of your own kitchen—I will carefully prepare your selection of entrees, adapted to your palate-specific culinary preferences and any personal nutritional requirements. A single visit may yield a wide range from a single dinner to several weeks worth of meals. Here are the highlights of my program:

  • All menus and recipes are fully customized for YOUR culinary delight.
  • I have an excellent array of delicious, nutritious menu selections, even for children.
  • I use my culinary market contacts to purchase the freshest & finest foods, gourmet or no, eating light, eating healthy, or good ole comfort food.
  • I prepare your meals, cooking from recipes in the safety of your home, using my personal pots, pans, utensils.
  • Since I prepare several meals at any given visit, meals are always properly stored with heating and serving instructions. I will even be happy to purchase the necessary storage containers for you to best preserve your meals.
  • It’s that easy! I take care of your meals and you take care of you and yours.

Is this for me?

Of course it is! Everyone could use a little chef help in the kitchen. Southern Grace helps you recover lost time… at least 20 hours a week! As your personal chef, I’m your grocery shopper for all the best and freshest ingredients. The day I come to your home: I’m your personal chef, dinner is ready when you get home … and I always clean up before I leave.

Yes, you need my services!