Started as a Youngster

Chef Nancy’s interest in the culinary arts began when she was a youngster in San Antonio. She often cooked the family meals as her mother worked outside the home. As a self taught chef she has come a long way from boiled hot dogs, french-fries and cornbread!

Over the next few years, while pursuing other interests as well, Nancy worked at several restaurants in San Antonio, including Earl Abel’s and Crumpets. She even worked one summer as a cook in a church’s Hill Country Camp. So from gourmet to camp fire, she’s done it all, and with a flair.

While her children were young, she opened a specialty baking operation from her home kitchen and she and her children operated her self-designed mobile kitchen: The Biscuit Basket. Here she developed her specialty baking expertise with whole grains and all-natural sweeteners. Also Chef Nancy created the recipe for the same great big, mouthwatering, Buttermilk Biscuits found in Aunt Julie’s buffet Restaurant chain today.

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise and nutrition have been a part of Nancy’s interests and fit well with her culinary expertise. She is a certified Personal Trainer, having owned and operated a large women’s franchise exercise facility (Curves for Women). She is an Aerobic Dance Instructor, having been trained under the Aerobic Guru herself, Ms Jackie Sorensen. With her husband she is a cattlewoman and organic farmer on Falster Farm in Wood County Texas. 

While working with women and their fitness needs Nancy has witnessed first-hand the nutritional needs of our culture. Even though women are constantly trying new diets, new pills, and everything that hits the grocery stores as “the new food to eat” she has noticed people are getting sicker AND bigger.

As a Personal Chef, Nancy continues providing the training to those who are interested in the way they eat, the way they feel and the overall health of their family. Nancy’s 25+ years experience in the Physical Fitness and the Nutritional & Culinary industries has  provided her with invaluable entrepreneurial experience in satisfying customer desires. Her talent for hospitality and attention to detail can provide you with excellent service of the highest quality (and that’s why we call it Southern Grace.)

Nancy and her husband Karl, own Falster Farm Fresh Food Club. It is a Family Farming operation in Wood County, Texas where they practice organic farming methods with their beef, poultry and fresh produce. Raising Food Fit to Eat is their goal and desire.

American Personal & Private Chef Association
Nancy G. Falster
Member #4997

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